Our Data Centre

ADC’s world class data centre facility is located 20 metres above sea level in Whangarei, one of New Zealand’s lowest earthquake risk locations, with no known active faults. We are committed to the further development of this facility and to maintaining our proven track record of 100% uptime.


ADC have approximately 150 pairs of fibre running into our data centre and have 10Gbps fibre connectivity to local upstream providers. Multiple connectivity options are catered for, including dark fibre, PON fibre, VDSL, wireless and more.


Four feed options supply power to the data centre ensuring continuous operation, consisting of:

  • a dedicated supply with a dedicated transformer
  • a secondary building supply
  • a dedicated generator with refuelling capability for extended runtime
  • a standby generator

All generators and power failover systems are live tested on a monthly basis.


Industrial standard process coolers provide data centre cooling in an active-passive configuration. Process coolers alternate between duty and standby cycles week by week and are configured to automatically failover in the event of a process cooler failure.


ADC have the following security systems in place to ensure only authorised personnel have access to the data centre at all times:

  • Monitored video security surveillance
  • Secure biometric, token and PIN access with secured mantrap
  • PIN code security alarm
  • 24×7 security company monitoring

Fire suppression

The data centre is protected against fire events by VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) and INEREX Inert Gas Fire Suppression Systems. The systems have been specially developed to provide fire protection for sensitive electrical and electronic instruments and equipment.

Environmental monitoring

Power, cooling, security, temperature, humidity and fire detection are all monitored 24×7 by various sensors within the data centre. All environmental alerting is sent to ADC’s security company who in turn notify ADC on-call staff. ADC on-call staff carry pagers and also receive email alerts.

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