Case Study: Hansen Products

ADC’s Virtual Servers and Managed IT Support Services provide a solid IT foundation for one of Northland’s business success stories.

Hansen Products is extremely proud to be a New Zealand owned and operated business who design, manufacture and distribute Pipe Fittings and Valves of the highest quality around the world.

Established in the 1950’s, Hansen Products has built a reputation for providing high performance, easy to use, simple products that deliver its customers “Best Installed Value”.


The problem

Hansen Products’ IT infrastructure had outgrown its traditional physical server setup. As the organisation’s operation grew, the need for a reliable, scalable IT platform grew alongside it.


The solution

An existing ADC customer, Hansen Products went to the market requesting proposals for new systems. Upon evaluation, Hansen Products awarded the contract to ADC.

“We wanted to ensure that we were getting IT systems which were future-proofed and price-competitive. After the review process, we were confident that sticking with ADC was the right decision for our business.”, Graeme Kerr, Managing Director of Hansen Products stated.

ADC developed a Hosted Virtual Server solution for Hansen Products, allowing it to rapidly expand its ERP and CRM systems which drive its flow of information.

“The fact that we could have new servers made available to our software vendors so quickly was a huge advantage compared to our traditional IT equipment.”, Graeme continued.

“And when the time came to expand those systems even further, the ease of growing our IT behind-the-scenes was one less headache.”

Hansen Products’ Hosted Virtual Server solution is backed with a 99.9% uptime guarantee which provided for certainty that the former physical environment could not. The solution also incorporates Managed IT Support at a fixed monthly fee, allowing Hansen Products to confidently budget their IT spend.

“Realistically, our systems are running 100% of the time. There is the occasional IT hiccup, but ADC’s support team soon takes care of that. We also get a monthly ‘walk-through’ where a couple of the technicians check in with all of our staff to iron out any smaller issues.”

“We have no problem recommending any company looking at moving their IT systems or support to ADC.”


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