ShadowProtect® Cloud Storage

Immediate, secure offsite storage of your backup data eliminating the need to manage backup drives!

The award-winning StorageCraft® ShadowProtect® provides backup and disaster recovery for many organisations throughout New Zealand. Should disaster strike the business premises, an offsite copy of your ShadowProtect® backup will be your only option to recover your critical business information.

But maintaining an offsite copy of your backup can be a hassle – or worse, may not be happening at all.

ADC’s ShadowProtect® Cloud Storage leverages your existing investment in your backup solution and extends it further.

We seamlessly integrate with your current environment, immediately copying your backup into our New Zealand based data centre as soon as it has been taken. We verify the integrity of your backup files to ensure they are complete, however we have no access to your business data itself. This ensures that even the most sensitive data is for your eyes only.

Also, as ShadowProtect® Cloud Storage is stored off your network, it will not be exposed to any virus or ransomware attacks that hit your site. This makes it an ideal recovery point should you become infected.

Should the unthinkable happen and your server(s) are rendered unusable, the option of ADC converting your ShadowProtect® backups into Virtual Servers in our Data Centre is an option. In a crisis, this option may prove to be the best way to get your business operational once again.

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