Mass power cut highlights the advantages of hosted computing

The recent unscheduled power cut to 30,000 homes and businesses in Northland has highlighted the advantages of hosted computing.

Transpower were forced to de-energise the lines that power the upper North Island in order for firefighters to safely battle a scrub fire on Sunday February 5, 2017.

Advanced Data Centres facility, which has four separate power feed options (including a dedicated and standby generator) was unaffected by the outage. Customer equipment and all services remained operational throughout.

Unfortunately, many Northland businesses with their own on-premise IT infrastructure did not fare so well, with the power cut causing IT issues ranging from minor to major.

One of ADC’s own customers – who uses on-premise Servers – suffered a catastrophic failure of their hardware. As a result, computer systems were unavailable for four hours while ADC’s support team recovered systems to replacement Servers. However, the outage of systems had the potential of lasting beyond one business day.

Meanwhile, ADC’s Virtual Server customers were able to continue business as normal.

What would the cost be to your business if your IT systems were out of action for a day?

ADC can provide a free Risk Assessment of your IT infrastructure to determine where any shortcomings may lie. Whether it be power supply interruption, backup issues or threat of virus infection, ADC’s team of experts can provide sound advice and help you minimise your risk of business interruption.

If you are interested in a free Risk Assessment or moving to Hosted Virtual Servers, please contact us!